Anatomage Table

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Anatomage Table

Overview:  The Anatomage Table is a life-sized virtual dissection table that offers realistic visualization of 3D anatomy, accurate anatomic details, and allows the user to explore multiple ways to interact with a virtual cadaver. The Anatomage Table was designed to allow multiple users to collaborate and interact with the technology, simulating an operating room environment experience.

Location of technology and hours accessible:

  - Collaborative Learning Commons, LIB-3rd floor
    (hours of operation)

Supplemental technologies needed to utilize this resource: None

Instructional guides:

  - Anatomage 3D Anatomy (UNTHSC Tutorial)

Other Resources:

 Vendor information

  - Anatomage Table: Virtual Dissection

  - Anatomage YouTube Channel

  - UNTHSC ITS Helpdesk

  - ITS Helpdesk Student Support

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