Alumni Research Service

Contact Information

Please contact the Research Services Office (817-735-2070, LIB-222) for more information about services available to UNTHSC alumni.

Search Fees

  • Searches are free for UNTHSC alumni.
  • This service is not meant to replace any institutional library access an alumnus may already have. Please contact us for more information if you would like to set up a library services account for your institution. We reserve the right to set special service fees for large projects.
  • Documents requested as the result of a search are billed separately. See document delivery for more information.

Search Practices

  • Searches cover a range of literature from research journal articles to textbooks.
  • We use a diverse group of databases in the basic and clinical sciences, as well as the social sciences.
  • We may also search the Internet, but will generally limit such searches to government, education, and major medical association or medical society sites. General Internet searches performed with a search interface such as Google often retrieve sources that are neither scientific nor evidence-based. Because it can be difficult to verify the quality of Internet-based health information, we do not offer a broad-based web searching service.