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Comment: The outlets on many of the study pods on the third floor don't have working outlets. It's frustrating to have to keep moving my stuff until I find one. Submitted on Monday, October 30, 2017

Response: Thank you so much for reaching out regarding this issue. We will investigate the problem and take action as soon as possible.

Dan Burgard
Lewis Library Director

Comment: Hello. I would just like to make a comment about the quiet floor of the library. I and many others in my class have been utilizing this floor as a quiet space to study for Step 1 of Boards. This is a very stressful and difficult test that we all must take, and our score has a large impact on the residency that we will be able to get. While I have been up here trying my hardest to study, I have noticed that some of the staff members do not try their hardest to keep quiet. While I understand that some noise is necessary for the maintenance of the library, I hope that it can be encouraged that all staff withhold from conversation with each other while on the quiet floor and in the elevator. There have been several instances where I have witnessed staff members continue conversations, regardless of shushing from the studying students, as well as laughing about us being irritated. All of us students are really under a lot of stress and the noise of conversations is very distracting to our studies. Again, I appreciate all of the work that the staff members are putting in to keeping the library in working order, but I do think that a conscious effort to maintain the quietness of the quiet floor would be greatly appreciated by all students studying here. Thank you! Submitted on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Response: Thank you so much for reaching out about noise concerns on the Quiet Study floor of the library. We rely on your feedback to let us know when there are situations that need attention. We will address the immediate situation with a reminder to all staff who share the building to remain courteous on the 4th floor to those using the space for quiet study. Further, we will revisit some of our promotional efforts and look for other ways to create a quiet environment.

Best wishes on your Step 1 exam!

Michele Whitehead
Lewis Library Associate Director

Comment: It seems that, more often than not, the second floor of the library is full and there are no remaining tables left on which to study. I prefer this floor as it's quieter than the third, and I know many other students here agree with me. I also noticed that there is an entire room that serves as a computer lab that is rarely being occupied, and there are quite a few tables outside of it with computers that people very rarely use. I've noticed that sometimes students will use those tables (because nothing else is available) and push the computer/keyboards aside to make room for their laptops/study materials. I think it would be a better use if some of those computers could be moved inside the lab or somewhere else so that we can all use those tables to study instead. I don't think this would be detrimental to anyone, given that, again, no one ever really uses those computers, and if they needed to, they could go inside the lab. Thank you. Submitted on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Response: Thank you so much for feedback about your experience studying on the main floor. We always appreciate input about study spaces and learn the most about things we should consider when we hear directly from you. Your suggestion related to the current use of tables outside of the computer lab for computer workstations is something we definitely would like to discuss and explore further.

We will post an update and please do not hesitate to get in touch with other ideas or comments.

Michele Whitehead
Lewis Library Associate Director

Update 1/31/17

I am happy to share that in the next few days we will implement a plan to relocate 8 out of the 16 workstations in front of the computer lab (LIB 225).  Moving those computers will free up two additional tables for study on the main floor!  We will continue to monitor workstation and computer lab use as well as study space needs.  Thank you again for sharing feedback related to studying on the main floor and please do not hesitate to get in touch in the future.

Michele Whitehead
Lewis Library Associate Director