Gibson D. Lewis Library

Floor Plans

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Lewis Library comprises levels 2, 3, and 4 of the LIB building. Level 1 is occupied by other departments.

Level 2 - Noise Level: Social

On Level 2:

Classroom Educational Technology Support

Computer Lab 225

Computer Helpdesk & Client Services

Java Lab

Library Administration

Library Research Services Office

Library Technical Services

Media Collections

Model Collection


Service Desk

Test Preparation Books 

Video Conference Room



Level 3 - Noise Level: Collaborative

On Level 3:

Anatomy Bar

Collaborative Learning Commons

Director of Interprofessional Practice


Rare Books Room

Research Discovery Room (faculty/staff use only)

Special Collections & Archives

Study Rooms



Level 4 - Noise Level: Quiet

On Level 4:

Center for Learning & Development

Center for Online Education

Circulating Book Collection (Room 450A)

Computer Lab 400

Computer Lab 410

Media Viewing Rooms


Print Journal Collection (Room 450A)

Quiet Study Areas

Study Rooms

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