Library Policies

The Gibson D. Lewis Health Science Library is a mission-driven institution that is committed to the support of the teaching, research, service, and patient care activities at UNTHSC. While we will go to great lengths to serve our patrons, we recognize that the smooth functioning of the library rests in part on adherence to a well structured set of operating policies. Our policies are designed to facilitate service with a minimum of constraint and to foster an environment conducive to advanced study and research.

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Library Terms of Use

Policy on Pharos Copy/Print Account Refunds and Closures (pdf)


Collection Development Policy (pdf)


Facilities Use Policy (pdf)

Policy on Children in the Library (pdf)

Reglamento Sobre Niños en la Biblioteca

Policy on Use of the Library (pdf)

Room Use Guidelines (pdf)

Video Surveillance Guidelines


Policy on Law Enforcement and Third-Party Requests for Library Records That Identify Patron Information (pdf)


Policy on Use of Library Computers and Electronic Resources (pdf)

Policy on Remote Access to Networked Electronic Resources (pdf)

Website Privacy Policy

Other UNTHSC Technology Policies

Digital Copyright, P2P, and File Sharing

UNTHSC Acceptable Electronic Communications Use Policy (pdf)