5MinuteConsult is a point-of-care resource providing diagnosis, treatment, and management information on the most frequently observed diseases and conditions.

Quickly search or browse 5MinuteConsult for the following:

  • Comprehensive information on more than 2,000 diseases and conditions which can be narrowed by broader categories including cardiology, emergency medicine, and public health.
  • A to Z drug monographs from Facts & Comparisons containing drug prescribing and safety information for more than 1900 drugs.
  • Patient resources including education handouts in English and Spanish provided by Lexicomp, as well as PT exercise videos.
  •  A variety of tools including more than 200 videos designed to enhance procedure skills and provide better patient care, algorithms and charts, and lab tests recommendations.

Access 5MinuteConsult from the database drop-down menu on the library homepage. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at 817-735-2070 or via the "Ask Us" or “Chat Now” logos on the library website.