Cabell's Directories

Looking for information on predatory publishing? Cabell's Directories provides resources for researchers and authors to research journals, review submission details, and guard against predatory publishing.

Cabell’s has a strict criterion by which it judges academic journals. This resource looks at a journal’s peer review process, transparency, publishing practices and business practices to evaluate the validity and trustworthiness of a journal.

Predatory Reports looks at behavioral indicators such as lack of contact or editorial information, misleading content, and other irregular publishing practices. Journals that are on this list may be predatory in nature.

Journalytics explores more than 11,000 qualified academic journals and provides information on acceptance rates, citation impact and content.

Access Cabell’s Directories from the database drop-down menu on the library homepage or visit our Predatory Publishing research guide. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at 817-735-2465 or via the "Ask Us" or “Chat Now” logos on the library website.