The Right Level of Studying

For noise concerns, please contact, call 817-735-2465, or chat with us on the library website.

Gibson D. Lewis Library is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming to all users and conducive to study. We kindly ask that our users observe the noise level expectations for each floor.

2nd (Main) Floor – Social

The 2nd (Main) floor of the library features a variety of seating options such as large desks, chairs, and couches located in front of the TV area. Multiple high-traffic service points, including the Library Service Desk, Library Research Services Office, and IT Helpdesk, are also located on this floor.

3rd Floor – Collaborative

The 3rd floor of the library features large collaborative spaces for group work, including group study rooms and media:scape tables that enable multiple users to share a presentation space.

4th Floor – Quiet

The 4th floor of the library is designated as the quiet floor. We kindly ask that patrons refrain from talking, group study, using cellphones, or eating noisy foods on this floor.